Application Timeline


What you need to do


Initial Application Steps 1-3

Step 1: Legal Pack Selection Process

If you have purchased a pay as you go legal pack then you can skip this step. Otherwise, select the ‘Legal Packs’ tab at the top and then the legal pack you intend to purchase and follow the onscreen instructions.

Step 2: Access Your legal pack

Once you have purchased your legal pack select the 'Subscription' tab at the top. Under the membership column you will see the legal pack you have just purchased. Select the legal pack name and your legal pack content will load below.

Step 3: Access Your legal pack content

On the right-hand side you will see a dropdown menu called 'Legal Pack Contents'. If you hover over the name the dropdown menu will appear. From there you need to select a template to view. Once the template has opened you can view the various pages by clicking on the up and down arrows on the left. You can also zoom in and out by clicking on the plus and minus buttons next to the pages navigation buttons.

Initial Application Steps 4 - 6

Step 4: Download Legal Pack Content

To download your legal pack content select the download icon next to the dropdown menu. You can also share a sample single page of the content by selecting the share icon next to the download icon.

Step 5: Review Legal Pack Content

Download the full legal pack content and carefully review each document.

Step 6: Required Documents

Check your DIY document checklist, providing as many of the listed documents as you can. You will need to scan or take photographs and then upload them as part of the application process. You should keep your original documents, which you will need later on during your biometric appointment.


Steps 7 - 9 Download & Complete

Step 7: Complete Online Application

Start the application process by completing your online application. You can do that here: If you are worried about the type of questions you need to answer you can review the example online application form provided in your legal pack. You should also check out our tips and guidance for extra help with completing your online application.

Step 8: Complete Sponsorship Form or Invitation Letter

Get your sponsor (if you have one) to complete the sponsorship declaration form or invitation letter. You must ensure that all the important information regarding finance, accommodation and purpose of the visit is provided.

Step 9: Complete Application Template

Complete your online application by following your DIY online application template/example, downloading a copy of your draft so you can review it at a later time. You can also use our DIY self-checking tool to help you better understand your template. You should follow the template structure and content as much as possible as it has been used on many occasions to make successful visit visa applications.

Steps 10 - 12 Review & Submit Application

Step 10: Review Stage

Carefully examine both your online application and application template, ensuring consistency with your original DIY templates. You should also take into account any additional DIY tips, guidance or legal help material and double check that all information is entered correctly.

Step 11: Update Application

Make any needed changes, read through everything one additional time and make any further amendments before submitting your application.

Step 12: Submit Online Application

Pay your immigration processing fees and submit your completed application with all required documents and your updated DIY template.


Steps 13 - 16 Biometric & Upload

Step 13: Book Your Biometric Appointment

Book your biometric appointment at your selected location, which may require your credit or debit card details for any appointment charges.

Step 14: Upload to UKVCAS

After submitting your online application form and booking your biometric appointment, you should then upload your documents to the UKVCAS online portal.

Step 15: Attend biometric appointment

Attend the biometric appointment that you had booked to submit your biometric information (fingerprints and facial photograph), taking your original documents with you.

Step 16: Wait for the decision

If UKVCAS requires any additional documents before making a decision on your application, they will let you know directly following the biometric appointment and assign you a deadline to provide them. However, you may not be asked to provide any additional documents if UKVCAS is satisfied with the documents you provided during your biometric appointment.

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