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About Us


Well how did we get where we are today?

Perseverance and old fashioned hard work
Our story is one of perseverance and old fashioned hard work! It began in 2005 when an opportunity arose for our founding member Andrew Williams to set up and manage his own niche immigration practice, serving clients in and around West Yorkshire.

Immigration advisers market place
In 2005 when we entered the immigration advisers market we were registered with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioners. At that time there were very few firms in the private Immigration sector so we did not know what to expect.

With success comes those who seek to undermine all your achievements

Also know as ‘ haters’, we ignored the haters and our business went from strength to strength. From 2005 to 2011 we maintained our focus and continued to serve our clients. In April 2011 our business became a Solicitors practice regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Our popularity went from strength to strength
Between 2011 and 2017 our popularity grew and we were instructed by more clients each year. As a result we expanded our business, took on more staff and achieved better results for our clients.

We successfully represented over 150 clients
Within 12 months we had successfully represented over 150 clients and we were becoming recognised within the West Yorkshire area as a reputable and reliable immigration practice that fought for its clients. As a result of our determined approach to our clients’ applications and appeals we were soon inundated with more and more clients.

We recognised a need for affordable access to the best private immigration lawyers. 
Although, our business continued to grow we were becoming increasingly concerned about turning away clients who could not afford our services. We started to recognise that there was an urgent need to provide affordable access to the best private immigration lawyers and as a result of that need DIY UK Immigration Service was set up.

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APPLY the smart way. IT really makes sense.

What do we do?
We provide everything you need to reach your UK immigration goals and aspirations. Whether you’re applying for your first UK visa, leave after overstaying or your ready to apply for indefinite leave to remain, we really have something for everyone. We even have specialist tools to help you keep on top of things. Our immigration platform has been developed by experienced UK Immigration lawyers. We are confident you will have everything you need to make your own successful UK immigration application.

What don’t we provide?
At present we do not provide direct assistance with completing UK Visa & Immigration online applications forms. We do however, provide guidance on how to complete the forms. We also provide a checking service under our legal help services where you can instruct an immigration adviser to check your application for you and provide independent advice. As an alternative UK Visa and Immigration also provide a service called Assisted Digital.  Assisted Digital is available to customers who do not have the appropriate access, skills or confidence to complete an online immigration application form. Click here for further details about Assisted Digital. 

What it really means?
What it really means, is you get access to our tried and tested immigration templates and bespoke self-help and application tools 24/7. Having access to our platform will enable you to complete your own successful immigration application at a fraction of the cost you would normally pay an experienced lawyer.

What will you get if you join?
We give you access to our exclusive fully integrated UK Immigration platform. We use software to collect data from you then automatically merge that data with tailor made immigration templates prepared by highly experienced immigration lawyers with a proven track record of getting results for their clients. The end result is a customisable detailed application cover letter tailored made to the rules, the required documents and of course the data that you have provided.

What makes DIY UK Immigration special? 
Our business has developed out of a genuine need for cost effective, professional legal solutions for those wanting to prepare their own UK immigration applications. We are pleased to say that we have worked tireless over a 24 month period with our immigration lawyers to provide this bespoke immigration solution. Please feel free to have your say here on how our platform should progress.

How It Works


Steps 1 - 3

  • Step 1: Membership Activation
    Choose a membership plan that best suits your individual needs. You can upgrade,  downgrade or even pause your plan at any time. You can also cancel or  suspend your membership at any time. 
  • Step 2 : Legal Help
    If you need legal help in making your application selection or just getting started you can get advice by our experienced UK immigration lawyers.  You can even get your completed application checked and approved by our lawyers.
  • Step 3: Selection Process
    It’s time to choose your application product. Firstly, identify your application category, then the individual application you intend to make or want to check your eligibility based upon your personal circumstances. You should carefully read the application product description ‘Read More‘ to determine whether you have selected the correct application for you and your family members. If your are unsure we would advise using our premium legal help services.  Request legal help if required.

Steps 3 - 6

  • Step 4: Premium Services Payment
    If you need legal help then you review our legal help serves here.  REMEMBER all our legal help service are premium services, that means they are not included within your membership plan. 
  • Step 5: Application Processing 
    Your application will be processed via our online Immigration Portal.  When completing your application all you need to do is provide the requested information on our forms and follow the steps as detailed on the product application page.  We will do the rest.
  • Step 6: 1st Stage Review 
    Once you have submitted your draft application for processing it will be save in your account so you can access it later.  At this stage you should carefully check the contents of your application to ensure it contains the correct information before moving onto the next step. You can make any necessary amendments in section 2 above.

Steps 7 - 9

  • Step 7: Create Your Visa & Immigration Online Account
    You will need to create a UK Visa & Immigration online account to complete your online application. Your application will also include a charge for IHS.  Complete your application then make the required payments and you will receive an email confirmation with various reference numbers. You will need those reference numbers to update your DIY application at the next stage.
  • Step 8: Update Draft Application
    After completing the Visa & Immigration online application(s) you will now need to revisit your DIY draft application under section 2 above to update it.  Again under section 2 above go to ‘add your payment & IHS reference numbers‘ and update your application with the payment and IHS reference information.

Steps 9 - 12

  • Step 9: Required Documents 
    The key to a successful application is to provide the correct documents that show you meet the rules.  Our document check list will firstly, identify what you intend submitting and secondly help to generate your bespoke index of documents to be relied upon.
  • Step 11: Putting things Together
    Book appointments and other services from within your portal account
  • Step 12: Submission Stage
    Once your application is complete simply download and print. You must remember to submit your completed application with all the required documents. See what should your completed application look like.
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