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Home Office reference: e.g D1000000
Case ID: e.g 012345678
UK Visas & Immigration
FLR (fp) application

[Submitted by appointment with Sopra Steria – [state date of biometric enrolment & location of appointment]

Dear Sir/ Madam


Applicant: [Full Name] DOB: [DD/MM/YYYY] Nationality: [State nationality] Status: No status
Family members
Child 1: [Full Name] DOB: [DD/MM/YYYY] Nationality: British

[Tip: If more than one British child, include details for all]

I am a national of [state nationality]. I apply to the Secretary of State for leave to remain in the UK on the basis that I am the sole carer for my British child/children. I urge the Secretary of State to consider the following representations in support of application. I have submitted the FLR (fp) online application form and have already paid the relevant fees. The Immigration Health Surcharge reference is IHS0000000. Please find enclosed the supporting documents.
Application background:

[TIP: It is important to give details of your background and immigration history as well as details to as why you have sole responsibility for your child. You should follow the template structure below and amend the relevant parts to suit your particular circumstances. You should remember to add all the important dates. For example, you could state the following];

• I, [Full Name], am a [state nationality], born in [Town], [country] on [DOB].
• I came to the UK in [MM/YYYY] on a [state what basis you were initially granted leave], valid until [DD/MM/YYYY] and have resided here ever since.
• In [MM/YYYY] I formed a relationship with a British national.
• On [DD/MM/YYYY], I gave birth to [Name of British national child] in [where], UK. [He/she] acquired British nationality through [his/her] [father/mother] and was issued with [his/her] British passport in [MM/ YYYY].
• On the [DD/MM/YYYY] my [husband/wife/partner] left the family home, [he/she] has had little contact with myself or [his/her] child. I have been raising our child alone ever since.
• I now apply for leave to remain in the UK on the basis that I am the sole carer of my British child.

Basis of the application:
I urge the Secretary of State to examine the following representations very closely and to find that the truly exceptional circumstances of my case warrant the grant of further leave to remain on the basis that:
• The requirements under Section R-LTRPT of Appendix FM are met
• EX.1 (a) of Appendix FM is engaged
• Section 55 of the Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Act 2009
• Paragraph 276ADE is engaged
• Article 8 of ECHR is engaged on the basis of my relationship with my British child.
• Section 117B of the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002 is engaged
The rules and how I meet them
Representations under Section R-LTRPT: Requirements for Leave to Remain as a Parent:
R-LTRPT.1.1. The requirements to be met for limited leave to remain as a parent are-
(a)the applicant and the child must be in the UK;
(b) the applicant must have made a valid application for limited or indefinite leave to remain as a parent or partner; and either
My dependent child and I are in the UK and I have made a valid application for leave to remain as a parent.
(c) (i) the applicant must not fall for refusal under Section S-LTR: Suitability leave to remain; and
(ii) the applicant meets all of the requirements of Section ELTRPT: Eligibility afor leave to remain as a parent, or

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