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General information


Who are we and what do we do?

We are a small company that specialises in providing tried and tested UK Immigration application templates. Our templates have been prepared by experienced UK Immigration lawyers. We also provide other UK Immigration related services such as telephone Immigration advice and UK Immigration related training material.


How can you help me?

We can help you with your own application if you are seeking to apply to come to the UK for any UK Immigration related purpose. We can also help you with your own application if you are already in the UK with or without leave to remain and want to apply to either extend your stay or regularise your status.


How do you help business owners and organisation like us?

We can help you if you are business or organisation that has a number of staff or members that would benefit from having a group discount on all our products and services. If you join our group legal plan then you will get member benefits that you can pass onto your staff or group members.


How do you help Employers and Landlords?

We have a number of products and services that have been developed with you in mind.  For instances if you are planning to apply for a Tier 2 or Tier 5 Sponsorship licence then we can help. We have assessments tools and video tutorials for both employers and landlords on avoiding getting a civil penalty for employing an illegal work or renting to someone who does not have permission to rent in the UK. Our newsletters and blogs are focused on immigration related matters that would be of interest to you or your business.


Can I speak to someone about a service or product before I purchase something?

Yes, if you would like any further information about one of our products or services before checkout please do not hesitate to contact us. However, please be aware that we are not a law firm and we do not therefore directly provide legal advice. If it is legal advice that you really need then we suggest that you book a telephone appointment with one of our experienced third-party immigration lawyers. They will advise you on the correct products and services you should purchase and can also provide you with specific immigration advice.


What products are available?

We will be adding more tried and tested products to our catalogue shortly. However, to view what is on offer now simply browse our website. All our products and services are listed on our site. Products are also broken down into helpful categories so if you don’t know where to find something try looking in category first. If you know exactly what it is you are want then simply use the search bar which is located at the top of our Home Page to find what you need. If there is something you need and we don’t have it, then simply let us know by using our ‘Tell Us What You Think’ page which is located at the footer of our home page.


How have your products and services been created?

Our products and services have been created by experienced UK Immigration lawyers with a combined knowledge and experience in immigration and asylum of over 30 years. The lawyers we use are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and are authorised to provide immigration advice. All our templates and service tools have been “tried and tested” by our lawyers so we are confident that our products and services are perfect for their intended use which is to help you to make their own successful immigration application.


Which browser do I need?

Our website is designed to work on all current versions of internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, chrome and Safari. If you are experiencing any difficulties please do not hesitate to contact us.

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