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DIY UK Immigration concept

My name is Andrew Williams, and I am a qualified solicitor who has specialised in private UK immigration work for more than 20 years. Most recently, I have enjoyed operating my own immigration firm for upwards of 16 years. During this time, I have helped hundreds of clients achieve their UK immigration goals. I had dreamed up the DIY UK Immigration Services (DIY UK) concept as early as 2011 but chose not to take any corresponding action until 2017. Overall, I yearned to launch this new immigration platform because of two reasons: first, to make quality UK immigration services accessible to everyone around the world, and second, to make this venture much more affordable for all interested parties.

Why was DIY UK needed?

Over the past 20 years, I have spent a considerable amount of time challenging adverse immigration decisions. I am often directly involved in the appeal process—from initial appeal submission to presenting appeals before an immigration tribunal. I am an experienced advocate with an excellent appeal success rate. However, in prior years I was often asked to review cases wherein the initial application was so poor that the prospect of appeal success was poor as well. In these circumstances, I faced the difficult task of advising clients to abandon any hope of successfully challenging the refusal decision—advising them to restart the entire process while enlisting the help of an experienced immigration lawyer to prepare the application. Clients would often state that they either mistakenly believed their previous representative was an experienced immigration lawyer or they simply could not afford said services because they were too expensive. I was, in fact, one of these experienced lawyers who charged too much, and as a result, could not help many potential clients achieve their UK immigration goals because my services fell outside their budget. Yet, I began finding it increasingly difficult to keep turning away those in need of quality legal representation. The solution? DIY UK Immigration Services: a DIY platform available for those in need of quality legal templates and legal help content. In reality, I am offering my 21 years of expertise in this field for a fraction of the costs I would normally charge my clients!

We recognised a need for affordable access to the best private immigration lawyers

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