Our story is one of perseverance and old fashioned hard work! It began in 2005 when an opportunity arose for our founding member Andrew Williams to set up and manage his own niche immigration practice, serving clients in and around West Yorkshire.

Immigration advisers market place

In 2005 when we entered the immigration advisers market we were registered with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioners. At that time there were very few firms in the private Immigration sector so we did not know what to expect.

With success comes those who seek to undermine all your achievements

Also know as ‘ haters’, we ignored the haters and our business went from strength to strength. From 2005 to 2011 we maintained our focus and continued to serve our clients. In April 2011 our business became a Solicitors practice regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Our popularity went from strength to strength

Between 2011 and 2017 our popularity grew and we were instructed by more clients each year. As a result we expanded our business, took on more staff and achieved better results for our clients.

We successfully represented over 150 clients

Within 12 months we had successfully represented over 150 clients and we were becoming recognised within the West Yorkshire area as a reputable and reliable immigration practice that fought for its clients. As a result of our determined approach to our clients’ applications and appeals we were soon inundated with more and more clients.

We recognised a need for affordable access to the best private immigration lawyers

Although, our business continued to grow we were becoming increasingly concerned about turning away clients who could not afford our services. We started to recognise that there was an urgent need to provide affordable access to the best private immigration lawyers and as a result of that need DIY UK Immigration Service was set up.

A quick reminder of what you need to do to get the most out of our platform

Steps 1 - 3

Step 1: Selection Process

Decide Which Membership Period Suits Your Needs: 6 Months or 12 Months

Step 2: Join DIY

Complete The Registration Process: You Are Now A DIY UK Member

Step 3: My Account

Login Into Your DIY Members Account: Check Your Account Details For Errors

Steps 3 - 6

Step 4: Legal Help (Optional)

Select A Legal Help Services From: Eligibility Assessments: Immigration Advice: Checking Service

Step 5: Legal Pack Selection

Select Your Legal Pack: Carefully select and purchase your desired legal pack

Step 6: Review Legal Pack

Review Legal Pack Contents: Review the completed example legal pack templates

Steps 7 - 9

Step 7: Download Templates

Download Legal Pack Templates: Download your editable legal pack contents

Step 8: Complete Online UK & Immigration Forms

Create Your Immigration Account: Login and complete the relevant application form and book your biometric appointment

Step 9: Putting things Together

Complete Your DIY Templates obtain the relevant documents

Steps 9 - 12

Step 10: Review Stage

Carefully Check Your Application To Ensure It is correct before you submit or just book our Checking Service

Step 11: Update Application

Make Any Necessary Amendments to your online application and DIY Template

Step 12: Submission Stage

Submit your completed application with all the required documents and your DIY template



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