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Frequently asked questions

Our services are provided by experienced UK Immigration lawyers. We know you want the right advice when you need it. That is why we only work with experienced UK immigration lawyers who can give you what you need.

I will provide written advice to you via Fiverr unless you request audio advice. If you have requested audio advice then I will send you an audio recording of my advice.

You have 1 revision that you can use to get further clarification. After that you can book further advice and ask more questions if you still need more advice.

Speaking to an immigration lawyer will help you to focus on what you want to achieve and how. It will also give you an opportunity to ask specific questions about the following:

the processes involved;
the evidence required;
the cost;
the type of application to be made;
if making it yourself, then the type of template and checking tools to be used; and
decide when to complete your application.

Yes, I can help you in three ways with your proposed application. I can: (1) – Provide you with a legal template that you can use to make your application; (2) – I can check your completed application for errors or omissions; (3) – I can prepare the whole application for you.




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