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Our immigration lawyers have over 20 years experience and in that time they have prepared hundreds of successful applications. They know what it takes to get an application approved. As a DIY member you will get access to our immigration knowledge base where you will find helpful application tips and self-help guides.

Getting inside information from our experienced immigration lawyers can make all difference to the success of your application. You get to use our lawyers inside information, below are some examples.

Tourist Visa
Identity Documents  - Tips
It is essential that your provide the correct Identity documents. Ensure you clearly state what identity documents you are submitting with your application. This should really be mentioned in your DIY template application letter, index or both. Your DIY template and document checklist will help you to identify the documents you must provide.
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Sponsors Evidence - Tips
Your sponsor should to provide written confirmation that you will reside with them during your time in the UK. If they will be financially supporting you, they can also include this information in their sponsorship declaration or invitation letter. Your DIY template and document checklist will help identify what is needed.
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Important Evidence - Tips
You must ensure that your supporting documents back up what is stated in both your online application and your DIY template application letter. For example, if you intend to discuss business terms with a UK business or organisation you should obtain and provide a letter from them confirming the purpose of your visit. 
Tourist Visa
Valid Application - Guidance
Before submitting your application, you must check that the application is valid by referring to the validity requirements for the particular route.  For example, for your application to be valid you must apply on the correct specified form; pay any fees required; provide any required biometrics details; provide a valid passport or other identity document.
Family Visa
Mandatory Evidence - Guidance
The Visitor Rules require specific mandatory evidence from certain types of visitors and for certain activities. The documents you provide will determine whether you are a genuine visitor. Your personal circumstances are assessed against your stated purpose of visit, your travel history and record of compliance. The evidence can determine whether you have adequate funds.
Business Visa
Translated Documents - Guidance
If you submit a document that is not in English or Welsh, it must be accompanied by a full translation that can be independently verified by the Home Office. Each translation must contain: confirmation from the translator that it is an accurate translation of the original document, the date of translation, the translator’s full name and signature, the translator’s contact details.



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