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Get direct access to our experienced UK immigration lawyers and their easy to use legal packs. Legal packs start from just £99.99 when you join DIY UK as a member for as little as £12.74 per month. Put your future plans in goods hands - your own.

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Legal Pack Content

Application template

You will get a detailed application covering letter containing all the legal and background information needed to show how your meet the rules.

Required document list

You will be provided with a document list, showing you exactly what documents to provide to prove you can meet all the relevant immigration rules.

Invitation Letter

You will get access to our lawyers tried and tested invitation letter. Your letter will contain everything you need to state and is easy to follow.

Assessment Tool

Check you completed your application template correctly by following the instructions contained with our self-checking assessment tool.

Online Application

You will be provided with an example of an online application form to assist with the completion of your own online visa application.

Sponsorship Form

You will get access to our lawyers tried and tested sponsorship form. Your form will contain everything you need to provide and is easy to follow.

Legal Help Services

Eligibility assessments

Check you meet all the immigration rules before you submit your application. Use our exclusive application assessment tool.

Immigration advice

Immigration advice when you need it, at a reasonable price. Get your own application checked by our immigration lawyers.

Application checking service

For extra piece of mind you can get your completed application checked by one of our experienced immigration lawyers.

Legal Support Services

Application tips & guidance

Our application guidance and tips will help you identify additional documents to provide with your application or important extra steps.

Immigration News & blogs

Our member news and blogs contain helpful information on making your own applications and on how to review and challenge refusals.

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Don’t waste time or money seeing expensive immigration Lawyers or immigration agents. You no longer need to pay extortionate legal fees to get help with your UK visa application. You can now do it all yourself with our help. Get access to our specialist immigration lawyers and our lawyers immigration legal packs from just £12.74 per month.

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