How does it work?

A platform designed for anyone wanting to complete their own UK Visit Visa immigration application

What you need to do

Steps 1-3 Register & login

Step 1: Selection Process

If you are joining because you are interested in a particular legal pack, please check that it is available before joining to gain access to it. You can do that by selecting the 'Legal Packs' menu at the top and then the legal pack you intend to purchase. Click on the link and check it's availability. If it is available then simply decide which membership period suits your needs: 6 Months or 12 Months.

Step 2: Join DIY

Complete the registration process by following the on-screen instructions. After submitting your registration form following the email activation instructions. Once complete you will be officially a DIY UK Member.

Step 3: My Account

Login into your DIY members 'My Account' area. Go to 'My Account' FAQ's and checkout what your 'My Account' area contains.

Steps 4 - 6 Access legal pack & collate required docs

Step 4: Legal Pack Selection

Select your legal pack. Carefully select and purchase your desired legal pack.

Step 5: Download Your DIY Templates

Download your DIY legal pack contents or review the contents in your 'My Account' area. Ensure that you have downloaded everything you need to complete your application.

Step 6: Required Documents

Check your DIY document checklist and provide as many of the documents listed as you can. You will need to scan your documents or take photographs of them and upload them as part of the application process. You should keep your original documents as these will be needed later on when you attend your biometric appointment.


Steps 7 - 8 Complete online application & DIY template

Step 7: Complete Online Application

Complete your online application by following your DIY online application template/example. You should download a copy of your draft online application so you can review it later.

Step 8: Complete Application Template

Complete Your DIY application template by following the guidance provided within the template. You can also use our DIY self-checking tool to help your better understand your template. You should follow the template as much as possible as it explain how you meet the immigration rules.

Steps 9 - 11 Review & submit application

Step 9: Review Stage

Carefully read through both your online application and application template. Ensure that both are consistent with your original DIY templates. You should also take into account any additional DIY tips, guidance or legal help material. You must also carefully to check that all of the information has been entered correctly.

Step 10: Update Application

If you have any changes to be made make the necessary amendments before your submit the application. You will then need to read through everything again and make any further amendments before you submit your application.

Step 11: Submit Online Application

Pay your immigration processing fees and submit your completed application with all the required documents and your updated DIY template.

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Steps 12 - 15 Appointment & waiting for your decision

Step 12: Book Your Biometric Appointment

Book your biometric appointment at your chosen location. You will need your credit or debit card details if there is a biometric appointment charge for your chosen location.

Step 13: Upload to UKVCAS

Once your online application form has been submitted and your biometric appointment has been booked, you should then upload your documents to the UKVCAS online portal.

Step 14: Attend biometric appointment

You will need to attend the biometric appointment that you booked for you to enrol your biometric information (fingerprints and facial photograph). You will also need to take your original documents with you.

Step 15: Wait for the decision

If the UKVCAS require any additional documents before making a decision on your application, they will let you know directly following the biometric appointment. You will then be given a deadline to provide the additional documents by. You may not be requested to provide any additional documents if the UKVCAS are satisfied with the documents you provided during your biometric appointment.

Your mission will be complete!
Well done!

Your application is complete! You can now sit back in confidence, knowing you are in control of your own application, and wait for your immigration decision. If you want to know how long the home office or UK Visas and Immigration processing time is you can check on their websites.

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