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Apply the smart way. Do it yourself. It really makes sense.

What do we do, exactly?

We provide everything you need to achieve your UK visit visa goals and aspirations—whether you’re applying for your first UK tourist visa, entering to do important business or planning on getting married in the UK.  Our legal packs contains everything you need to prepare your own successful application. We truly have something for everyone. If you need additional help preparing your application, check out our legal help services or our self-checking assessment tool. 

Our immigration platform was developed by experienced UK immigration lawyers who know exactly what you need to succeed. Hence, we are more than confident that our legal packs and resources will help you to prepare your own successful UK visit visa application.

What don’t we provide?

At present, we do not provide direct assistance with completing your UK visa and immigration application. If you truly feel you need a lawyer to complete the application on your behalf, simply message our lawyers by clicking here: Andrew Williams Solicitors.


The only dedicated UK Visit Visa Immigration platform

Get access to our experienced UK immigration lawyers legal packs and legal help services at an affordable price. No membership required! Simply buy your legal pack and download the contents.

Our legal packs contain template letters and documents that our lawyers have used time and time again when crafting successful applications. They also contain a comprehensive document checklist so you know exactly which documents to include with your application, along with an example application index to help you lay out the documents you intend to submit with your application.

Using our platform will enable you to complete your own successful immigration application at a fraction of the cost you would normally pay an experienced immigration lawyer.

What makes DIY UK Immigration special?

We developed our business out of a genuine need for fair and cost-effective professional legal solutions for those wanting to prepare their own UK immigration applications. We are pleased to share that our immigration lawyers have worked tirelessly over a 4-year period to provide this bespoke immigration solution just for you. Please feel free to share any and all thoughts you may have regarding how our platform can better serve those like you in the future. You can have your say here.

Get help with your UK visa application

Don’t waste time or money seeing expensive immigration Lawyers or immigration agents. You no longer need to pay extortionate legal fees to get help you with your UK visit visa applications. You can now do it all yourself with our help. Get access to our legal packs.



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