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Now that you have joined our club. Why not find out which UK immigration applications best suit your individual needs. It really makes sense to get your proposed application assessed by an experienced UK immigration lawyer before you submit it.

Booking our assessment service will give you peace of mind. You really need to know where you stand with your proposed application. If our lawyers identify any issues with your proposed application then you can rectify them before you completing your application.


What are the overall benefits

Our lawyers will provide an independent report on the strengths and weaknesses of your proposed or intended application

Assessment services are offered

Eligibility Assessment services are offered by way of 1 – 3 application types with delivery dates between 1 – 3 working days:

How does the assessment work

It first involves you answering questions that will help our lawyers identify any issues with your proposed application

DIY UK eligibility service plans

Frequently asked questions

We have created these assessments so you can self-assess your eligibility and suitability in meeting all of the required immigration rules or regulations applicable to the application you intend to make. In short this assessment will help you to determine whether you have everything you need to make a successful application under the proposed application category. The assessment will be broken down into sections. You will be assigned a number of points for each question in each section completed. Therefore, you must complete all questions. Points will be awarded in line with the eligibility and suitability requirements under your chosen immigration category.

It includes an assessment on how you meet the suitability and eligibility requirements of the immigration rules. These requirements usually include a detailed analysis of your personal immigration history. It also includes an assessment of the way you have behaved since arriving or previously arriving in the UK, also known as a good character assessment.

You will receive your results immediately after taking the assessment. Your results will be email to you and also stored within section 2 on this page for you to access at a later date.

Your performance is assessed against the current eligibility and suitability requirements under the specific rules relevant for this type of application at the time you take the assessment.

If you have passed the assessment it means that you have met 100% of the specified requirements for this assessment. A pass mark indicates that it is more likely than not that you will meet the legal requirements and as a result your application has a reasonable chance of being granted.

Whether you have passed or failed the assessment it can still be worth while obtaining independent advice on your results or anything else you need help with. You can get advice by clicking on the immigration advice icon at the top of this page or by clicking HERE. You can then following on the screen instructions.

Yes, we can help you in two ways with your proposed application. We can:
(1) – check your completed application for errors or omissions, this is know as our checking service. You can book our checking service by clicking on the checking service icon at the top of this page or by clicking HERE. You can then following the on screen instructions; or
(2) – we can refer you to one of panel of Solicitors who can prepare the whole application for you.



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