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A Platform Designed For Anyone Wanting To Complete There Own UK Immigration Application


We provide everything you will need to reach your UK goals and aspirations. Whether you are applying for a short visit to see friends and family or applying to settle in the UK permanently. We can help you to get the right result when you need it most.


Our online UK immigration platform has been developed by experienced immigration lawyers with combined experience of more than 35 years. You can be confident therefore that you will have everything you need to make your own success application.

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One place for all your UK immigration needs

We are introducing a new and innovative way of helping you make your own UK Immigration application without the need for an expensive lawyer. Our UK Immigration platform has been designed to provide a cost effective method for you to manage your own UK immigration application without the need to instruct expensive UK lawyers.

We provide tried and tested UK immigration application templates that you can download and use to make your own application. You can now also use the same template within our casework portal and complete your application cover template online.  Remember we aim to make UK immigration legal services affordable and accessible to everyone. But we won’t compromise on quality and that is why our templates have been prepared by experienced UK immigration lawyers and are used on a regular basis to make successful UK immigration applications.

Specialist immigration tools at the touch of a button

You can now get all the immigration advice you need in one place, at a reasonable price. You can even book an appointment to get your own application checked by an experienced immigration lawyer.

Our third party lawyers can advise you on any aspect of UK immigration law, including which of our application products would best suit your needs.

You can now get all the immigration advice you need in one place, at a reasonable price. You can even book an appointment to get your own application checked by an experienced immigration lawyer.

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Fully Integrated UK Immigration Application Platform

Manage your own application processes via our bespoke integrated immigration platform.  Manage your own case files from start to finish just like your lawyer would.  Download our bespoke document checklist template and use it when your ready.  

Bringing UK Immigration Lawyers And Customers Together

You can now get direct access to a wealth of knowledge and experience by joining us today. Our third party lawyers can advise you on any aspect of UK immigration law, including which of our products would best suit your needs. All at the touch of a button.  Fast and efficient legal service. 

Gain Exclusive Access To Our Specialist UK Immigration Lawyers Through Our Bespoke Platform

Your in control! On our platform you can download your template and use it when your ready or you can complete your application from within our own casework portal.

Relax Your In Total Control

On our platform your in total control. You can start, pause and finish your application when your ready. All you have to do is follow the simple onscreen instructions and we will do the rest. It’s really that simple!

Read All About It!

Our members will gain access to our exclusive UK immigration blog material. Our blogs contain helpful tips on how to make successful UK immigration applications or to successfully challenge a refusal on appeal.


  • Step 1: Membership Activation
    Choose a membership plan that best suits your individual needs. You can upgrade,  downgrade or even pause your plan at any time. You can also cancel or  suspend your membership at any time. 
  • Step 2 : Legal Help
    If you need legal help in making your application selection or just getting started you can get advice by our experienced UK immigration lawyers.  You can even get your completed application checked and approved by our lawyers.
  • Step 3: Selection Process
    It’s time to choose your application product. Firstly, identify your application category, then the individual application you intend to make or want to check your eligibility based upon your personal circumstances. You should carefully read the application product description ‘Read More‘ to determine whether you have selected the correct application for you and your family members. If your are unsure we would advise using our premium legal help services.  Request legal help if required.
  • Step 4: Premium Services Payment
    If you need legal help then you review our legal help serves here.  REMEMBER all our legal help service are premium services, that means they are not included within your membership plan. 
  • Step 5: Application Processing 
    Your application will be processed via our online Immigration Portal.  When completing your application all you need to do is provide the requested information on our forms and follow the steps as detailed on the product application page.  We will do the rest.
  • Step 6: 1st Stage Review 
    Once you have submitted your draft application for processing it will be save in your account so you can access it later.  At this stage you should carefully check the contents of your application to ensure it contains the correct information before moving onto the next step. You can make any necessary amendments in section 2 above.
  • Step 7: Create Your Visa & Immigration Online Account
    You will need to create a UK Visa & Immigration online account to complete your online application. Your application will also include a charge for IHS.  Complete your application then make the required payments and you will receive an email confirmation with various reference numbers. You will need those reference numbers to update your DIY application at the next stage.
  • Step 8: Update Draft Application
    After completing the Visa & Immigration online application(s) you will now need to revisit your DIY draft application under section 2 above to update it.  Again under section 2 above go to ‘add your payment & IHS reference numbers‘ and update your application with the payment and IHS reference information.
  • Step 9: Required Documents 
    The key to a successful application is to provide the correct documents that show you meet the rules.  Our document check list will firstly, identify what you intend submitting and secondly help to generate your bespoke index of documents to be relied upon.
  • Step 11: Putting things Together
    Book appointments and other services from within your portal account
  • Step 12: Submission Stage
    Once your application is complete simply download and print. You must remember to submit your completed application with all the required documents. See what should your completed application look like.

innovation, expertise, affordability all lead to success

knowledge is power


Don’t waste time or money seeing a lawyer.  You no longer need to pay expensive legal fees for a lawyer to help you with your immigration case. You can now do it all yourself with our help.

What You Need


You will need a detailed letter containing background information. It must also explain how your meet the rules.


You will need to know exactly what documents to provide to prove you can meet all the relevant immigration rules.


You will need to accurately complete UK Visa or Home Office immigration paper or online form(s).

the way to success is to let our lawyers do the thinking for you!

A lot of thought and effort has been put into developing our unique platform. Our specialist lawyers have worked tirelessly with us to create everything you need to achieve your UK Immigration goals at an affordable price. They are undoubtedly not only experts in their field but also have a real desire to help others. They have utilised their vast knowledge and experience spanning over 18 years to help us provide a cost effective immigration solution for you. We are confident that you will find our platform useful and informative. JOIN US TO TODAY TO SEE HOW WE CAN HELP YOU!

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