A UK immigration platform designed for anyone that needs help to prepare their own UK immigration application

Being a member of DIY UK Immigration Services is like having your own dedicated UK immigration lawyer at hand, all day, every day!

Application letter

You will need a detailed letter containing background information. It must also explain how your meet the rules.

Required document list

You will need to know exactly what documents to provide to prove you can meet all the relevant immigration rules.

Application tips & guidance

You will need to accurately complete UK Visa or Home Office application form, either in a paper format or online.

Case management tools

Our case management tools will help to keep you on top of important events and activities. Add notes, set tasks and more…

Immigration advice

Immigration advice when you need it, at a reasonable price. Get your own application checked by our immigration lawyers.

Application checking service

For extra piece of mind you can get your completed application checked by one of our experienced immigration lawyers.

Eligibility assesments

Check you meet all the immigration rules before you submit your application. Use our exclusive application assessment tool.

Immigration news & blogs

Our blogs & news articles contain helpful information on making your own applications and to successfully challenge a refusal.

Become a DIY UK Affiliate

Apply to join our affiliate scheme. Get paid while helping others achieve their UK immigration goals.

Get Help With Your UK Immigration Application

Don’t waste time or money seeing expensive immigration Lawyers or immigration agents. You no longer need to pay extortionate legal fees to get help you with your UK immigration case. You can now do it all yourself with our help. Get access to our specialist immigration lawyers and our lawyers immigration legal packs.

Get access to your chosen immigration legal pack 24/7


When you are in the UK and want to stay longer.


When you just need to change your Biometric details


When your ready to apply for British Nationality


When your leave is expiring and you need to extend it


When you’r outside the UK and need a Visa to enter


When you have done the time and now ready to settle



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