How does it work?

A platform designed for anyone wanting to complete their own UK Visit Visa immigration application

Steps 1-3

Step 1: Selection Process

If you are joining because you are interested in a particular legal pack, please check that it is in stock before joining. If it is or you are interested in something else then simply decide which membership period suits your needs: 6 Months or 12 Months

Step 2: Join DIY

Complete The Registration Process: You Are Now A DIY UK Member

Step 3: My Account

Login Into Your DIY Members Account: Check Your Account Details For Errors

Steps 4 - 6

Step 4: Legal Help (Optional)

Select A Legal Help Services From: Eligibility Assessments: Immigration Advice: Checking Service

Step 5: Legal Pack Selection

Select Your Legal Pack: Carefully select and purchase your desired legal pack

Step 6: Review Legal Pack

Review Legal Pack Contents: Review the completed example legal pack templates

Steps 7 - 9

Step 7: Download Templates

Download Legal Pack Templates: Download your editable legal pack contents

Step 8: Complete Online UK & Immigration Forms

Create Your Immigration Account: Login and complete the relevant application form and book your biometric appointment

Step 9: Putting things Together

Complete Your DIY Templates obtain the relevant documents

Steps 9 - 12

Step 10: Review Stage

Carefully Check Your Application To Ensure It is correct before you submit or just book our Checking Service

Step 11: Update Application

Make Any Necessary Amendments to your online application and DIY Template

Step 12: Submission Stage

Submit your completed application with all the required documents and your DIY template

Your mission will be complete!
Well done!

Your application is complete! You can now sit back in confidence, knowing you are in control of your own case, and wait for your immigration decision. If you want to know how long the current processing time is you can check online.



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