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Apply the smart way. Do it yourself. It really makes sense.

What do we do?

We provide everything you need to reach your UK immigration goals and aspirations. Whether you’re applying for your first UK Visa, leave after overstaying or your ready to apply for settled status. Our lawyers have even put together a must have legal pack that contains everything your lawyer would normally use to prepare your application. We really have something for everyone. If you need legal help, then check out our legal help services. We even have specialist tools to help you keep on top of things.

Our immigration platform has been developed by experienced UK Immigration lawyers who know exactly what you need to succeed. We are confident you will have everything you need to make your own successful UK immigration application.

What don’t we provide?

At present we do not provide direct assistance with completing UK Visa & Immigration online applications forms. We do however, provide guidance and tips on how to complete things yourself. We also provide a checking service, immigration advice service and eligibility assessment service under our legal help section where you can all the guidance and help you need.  Our legal help services are provided by our experienced UK immigration lawyers.

If you really feel you need help completing your online application UK Visa and Immigration also provide a service called Assisted Digital.  Assisted Digital is available to customers who do not have the appropriate access, skills or confidence to complete their own online immigration application form. Click here for further details about Assisted Digital. 


What it really means to have DIY UK membership?

What it really means, is you get exclusive access to our UK immigration platform 24/7.  It provides you with an opportunity to buy tried and tested UK immigration legal packs. It also gives you direct access to our qualified and highly experienced UK immigration lawyers where you can get the right legal help when you need it at a reasonable price.

Our legal packs contain, our lawyers legal template letter that our lawyers have used time and time again to make successful applications. It contains a comprehensive document checklist so you know exactly what documents you should include with your application. It contains and example application index so you know how to layout the documents you intend to submit with your application.

Having access to our platform will enable you to complete your own successful immigration application at a fraction of the cost you would normally pay an experienced lawyer or an agent.

What makes DIY UK Immigration special?

Our business has developed out of a genuine need for fair and cost effective professional legal solutions for those wanting to prepare their own UK immigration applications. We are pleased to say that we have worked tireless over a 30 month period with our immigration lawyers to provide this bespoke immigration solution. Please feel free to have your say here on how our platform should progress in the future.

Get Help With Your UK Visit Visa Immigration Application

Don’t waste time or money seeing expensive immigration Lawyers or immigration agents. You no longer need to pay extortionate legal fees to get help you with your UK immigration case. You can now do it all yourself with our help. Get access to our specialist immigration lawyers and our lawyers immigration legal packs.



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