How to use them


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Step 1. Speak to a Lawyer (if required)

If required, you can access our Telephone Advice Service, provided by our experienced, qualified third party lawyers.  A lawyer can advise you on the best way forward, including which template to use, and will be able to explain why that template meets your specific needs


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Step 2. Search Products, Services or Legal Plans

On our site we provide products, services and legal plans.  You can search for what you want by typing the product or category name in to the search bar. Alternatively, you can select one of the sub-menu options under the product, services or legal plans in the main menu.
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Step 3. Browse and Select

You can browse through all our products, services and legal plans to help you decide what you need.  You will be given a short description when you select one of them. You should read this carefully to determine what the product should be used for.  A more detailed description of the product is available below the 'add to basket' button.
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Step 4. Creating an account

There are three ways to create an account on our website:

  • 'Sign up' for a free account on our home page (no purchase necessary).
  • Purchase a product or service - an account will be created for you automatically.
  • Become one of our Legal Plan members and an accounts will be created for you.


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Step 5. Download and access item(s)

Your purchased item, and any selected linked items, will be accessible through a download link after your payment has been processed. After your purchase is complete you will then have access to your purchased items in your 'My Account' area.

 We recommend that you download your purchases immediately and save a back-up copy.
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Step 6. Amend the template

Once you gain access to your product you will be able to amend it to suit your specific needs.  Your product contains a number of red text areas. The red text indicates where you are required to enter your own personal information. Please take some time to familiarise yourself with the product before you start amending it.


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Step 7. Check and finalise your application

Checking your application carefully before you send it is very important. You must make sure that you have said everything that you want the Home Office to be aware of and consider. You should also ensure you enclose all the relevant documents to support your application.

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Step 8. Submit your application

Our tips on sending your application. Make sure that your application is being sent via Royal Mail Recorded or Special Delivery to the correct address, as stateon the correct, up-to-date, valid application form that you have completed.

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Step 9. Your mission is complete! Well done!!!

Your application is complete! You can now sit back in confidence, knowing you are in control of your own case, and wait for the Home Office's decision.  If you want to know how long the Home Office are currently taking to process applications you can check online by visiting their website.