Make a successful immigration application yourself and save hundreds of Pounds.

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Make a Successful Immigration Application Yourself and Save Hundreds of Pounds!

Monthly Newsletter- September 2018

Here at Andrew Williams Solicitors, we can provide you with a clear, step-by-step guide on how to complete your UK immigration application yourself and save hundreds of pounds in the process.  You may also be surprised to find some less obvious benefits to completing your own immigration application!

There are three main reasons why making your immigration application yourself could be the best choice for you.

First, it is extremely important that you provide the Home Office with as much information about your personal circumstances as possible, and clearly no one knows your personal circumstances better than you. Even after telling your solicitor all about your case, they could still be unlikely to give a full and detailed account of your immigration history as well as you would. The more information you provide about your personal circumstances, the easier it will be for the Home Office to make the right decision about your case.

Secondly, you can complete your application at a time and place that suits you. You don’t need to wait for inconvenient appointments, or hope that your solicitor will prioritise your case above all their others – you are your own client so you can guarantee you will be top priority!  However, choosing Andrew Williams Solicitors and letting us complete your application means that you can still be in complete control of your application process. We can complete your application as quickly as you wish, and when it is convenient for you.

The third reason to complete your immigration application yourself is that it can save you hundreds of pounds! We understand that the mandatory Home Office fees are now very expensive, which means that often people don’t have money left to pay expensive legal fees as well.  We also understand that the real fear most people have when considering making there own application is making a mistake that leads to their application getting refused. Let us take away the fear of completing your own immigration application by guiding you through each step. With our affordable prices, support and guidance you may decided that it would be better to let us complete your application for you.


What should your application contain?

One of the most important parts of a successful application is the cover letter. Some people actually believe that they can just complete the Home Office application form and provide supporting documentation alone. Others believe that only a solicitor will know how to write a successful covering letter.  It is true that a good lawyer will know that the best way to get a positive decision is to provide a clear and detailed covering letter. The letter should contain details about your personal circumstances, the rule you say you meet, how you meet that rule and any special features about you or your family members.

Andrew Williams Solicitors applications are prepared by experienced immigration lawyers and caseworkers who have used the same techniques to make many successful applications over the past 12 years. We understand you may be worried about the application process and whether you still meet the complex laws involved. However, our experienced advisers can go through everything you need to make a successful application. In fact, we will tell you exactly what we need to increase your chances of getting a successful result.  It’s as simple as that! And for extra peace of mind, services that you can also purchase to assist with the application process, include speaking to one of our experienced lawyers or caseworkers at a time convenient to you. There really is no reason why you cannot make a successful immigration application with US!

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