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What does your my account Page contain?

  • Info 1: Menu Top
    The top menu contains all our application categories.
  • Info 2: Home
    On this tab, you will be able to see AND edit all of the information that you entered during the registration process. To edit any of the fields, you  simply need to click the entry box, make any edits, and then click the “Save” button at the bottom of the page.
  • Info 3: Subscriptions
    You can review all associated subscription information here  They will show as active or inactive subscriptions that are either automatically recurring or one-time payment type subscriptions. Subscription information will include the following headings: Membership,  Active,  Created, Expires, Card Exp, Manage their subscription
  • Info 4: Payments
    The Payments tab of the account page is used to show all payments that you have made. The following columns will be shown: Date – this column will show the date that the payment was made. Total – this column will show the total price of the payment (including any taxes paid out).  Membership – this column will show the name of the Membership the payment was for.  Method – this column will show the name of the payment method selected that billed the payment. Status – this column will show the status of the transaction. Options are Complete, Pending, or Failed.  Invoice – this column will show your unique transaction ID for the payment.
  • Info 5: Application Dashboard
    This section contains all the information about managing your immigration matters and obtaining legal help.
  • Info 6: Logout
    This is simply a logout link. When your click this option, you will be logged out of our site.



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Frequently Asked Questions

“Being A Member Of DIY UK Immigration Services Is Like Having Your Own Dedicated UK Immigration Lawyer At Hand All Day, Every Day.”

Our legal plans make sense because as a plan member you will gain access to our tailored newsletters, blogs, discounted products and training material all year round. So if you need to or want to keep up with UK Immigration Rules and European Regulations then but a plan.  You will not be tied into a contract so you can cancel your membership at any time. Plan members get notified first when we introduce new products and services.

As a specific plan member you will have access to your own member area. Your exclusive member area is dedicated to your specific needs.  So if you are a employer that employs migrant workers then your member area will contain discounted products and services that will help you manage your migrant staff more effectively. If you hold our group plan then you will have access to exclusive member benefits that you can assign to your designated group members such as church members or staff.

You will also have 24/7 access to your exclusive member area. As a plan member you will receive 2 free telephone advice consultations per year with an experienced Immigration Lawyer so you can discuss any UK Immigration related matter when you need to. See specific plans for further details on what’s included.

If you are an individual then you will save lots of time by not having to search for a lawyer, arranging to see a lawyer and then waiting for the lawyer to do your work. Now all you have to do is buy a template, amend it and check it with one of our checking tools or by speaking to our third party lawyer and your good to go.

Once you have selected the products that you need you can simply add them to your shopping cart by using the “add to basket” button which will be located under each product.

Next you should proceed to checkout. If you have an account on the website already or are signed up to one of our legal plans then please sign in at this point. If you are a new customer, an account will automatically be created for you when you checkout.

At the end of the checkout process you will be asked to submit your card details for the payment.  Your payment will be taken through PayPal using a range of different credit and debit cards.

After the payment has been received and are logged into the website you will be able to download the template you have purchased from your account area on the website.

You would order a service the same way as a product unless you are booking telephone advice.  Selected the service you require and add the item(s) to your shopping cart by using the “add to basket” button which is easily identify able on the service page.

Next you should proceed to check out. If you have an account on the website then please sign in at this point. If you are a new customer, an account will automatically be created for you when you check out.

At the end of the checkout process you will be asked to submit your card details for the payment.  Your payment will be taken through PayPal using a range of different credit and debit cards.

After the payment has been received and are logged into the website you will be to use the service you have purchased from your account area on the website.

No. You do not have to become a member, you can simple set up a regular account and purchase the service or product of your choice without signing up to our membership plans. However, we would suggest having a look at our membership plans as they will save you money if you think you would be wanting to purchase more than one product or service. We offer a 30-day free trial on any of our membership plans, giving you a 20% discount off all our products and services as well as regular Home Office updates.  However, please be aware that this does not include telephone advice. To find out more about our memberships click here.

If you have a legal plan with us you are entitled to two 30 minute consultations with a immigration lawyer every two months. If you however require further legal advice your will have to pay an additional fee for the consultation?

To change the address used for all subscriptions, the customer needs to:

1.    Go to their My Account page.

2.    Select the Edit link next to the shipping or billing address.

3.    Enter the new address details in the form.

4.    Tick the checkbox: Update the address used for all of my active subscriptions.

5.    Save Address

You are in total control of your membership. If you wish to cancel, pause, upgrade and even downgrade your membership you do so.  Simply follow the following instructions:

1. Log into your account

2. Go to the dashboard

3. Select “Account settings” in the top right-hand corner under your name

4. In your settings, you can click “cancel” to end your trail. You will then not be charged by DIY UK Immigration Services.com

On occasion, a renewal order may need payment either because:

·         manual renewal payment is required

·         last automatic renewal payment failed

If payment is required on the renewal order for a subscription, a Pay button is also displayed next to the order under Recent Orders of both the My Account > View Subscription page and the My Account page.

The Pay action is only displayed when:

·         Order has a status requiring payment. By default, it is on-hold or pending, but can be customised;

  • Subscription is on hold or pending, as this also signifies the subscription has not been manually reactivated by a store manager despite payment not being collected for the renewal order.

·         Clicking the Pay button in the subscription actions or order actions will direct the customer through a normal WooCommerce checkout process to pay for the subscription’s renewal. Once payment is completed for the renewal order, the subscription will be reactivated.

·         If the payment is to make up for a automatic recurring payment that previously failed, Subscriptions will attempt to update the payment method on the subscription so that future recurring payments will use the new payment method rather than the failing payment method. However, this is only possible with payment gateways which support Recurring Payment Method Changes.


Steps 1 - 3

  • Step 1: Membership Activation
    Chose a membership plan that best suits your individual needs. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.
  • Step 2 : Legal Help
    If you need legal help in making your application or getting your final application checked then you can utilise this service. You can read details on who provides these services in our terms of use.
  • Step 3: Selection Process
    It’s time to chose your application product. Firstly, identify your application category, then the individual application you intend to make. You should carefully read the application short and long application description to determine whether it is the correct application for you. Request legal help if required.

Steps 3 - 6

  • Step 4: Application Payment
    You must make the required payment before commencing with your chosen application. You will only gain full access to your chosen application once you have been assigned a valid licence key.
  • Step 5: Application Processing 
    Your application will be processed via our online Immigration Portal. All you need to do is provide the requested information, follow the steps detailed on application page and we will do the rest.
  • Step 6: 1st Stage Review 
    Once you have submitted your application for processing it will be save in your account. You should carefully check your application to ensure it is correct before moving onto the next step. Make any necessary amendments.

Steps 7 - 9

  • Step 7: Create UK Visa & Immigration Online Account
    You will need to complete the UK Visa and Immigration online application. Once complete, make the payment and you will receive an email confirmation with various references. You may also be required to pay an online Immigration Health Surcharge.
  • Step 8: Putting Everything Together
    After completing the Immigration and Home Office online application(s) you be provided with various reference numbers depending on the type of application submitted. You will need to revisit your application cover template and update it with the booking and or payment reference information.

Steps 9 - 12

  • Step 10: Complete Forms
    Access and control your own UK immigration application portal
  • Step 11: Putting things Together
    Book appointments and other services from within your portal account
  • Step 12: Submission Stage
    Once your application is complete simply download and print. You must submit your complete application with all the required documents.
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